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 Salzburg, February 2014

PALFINGER PALcom P7 – Perfect form meets perfect function

By crane professionals for crane professionals. The entirely newly developed PALFINGER loader crane radio remote control PALcom P7 combines innovative design with perfect operator-friendliness, safety and working efficiency.

PALFINGER is setting new standards with the innovative loader crane radio remote control PALcom P7. Working together with external experts, research institutes and crane operators, the PALFINGER development department took a leading role in designing a completely new type of radio remote control that is perfectly suited to loader cranes.

The control ergonomics are consciously based on intuitive use by the operator, thereby ensuring maximum operational safety even over long working times. The hand rests and setup of the control levers are carefully chosen to enable fatigue-free work. The “PAL-drive” control knob is located centrally. Together with an intuitive menu guide with a large colour display, it ensures easy, safe operation.


For the first time in the crane sector, a central 4.1-inch TFT colour display with transflective technology is used in the new PALcom P7. Thanks to the “transflective” technology, the large display is easily to read, even in blazing sunlight, but it is still highly energy-efficient. The operator therefore gains information about all important operating conditions at all times and is guided clearly and safely.


The energy management system of the new PALcom P7 is another major innovation. The intelligent charging station checks the discharge state, need for refreshment and ambient temperature of the batteries before quick charging. From all of this information, the charging device inputs the optimum charging current, thereby extending the service life of the batteries over the long term. Reduced power consumption enables the PALcom P7 to run for up to twelve hours in continuous operation without recharging.

New and innovative safety concepts have been integrated in the radio remote control. Safety features such as rollover and acceleration sensors that prevent unintentional crane movements have been built in. For example, if the control handset exceeds a certain inclination angle or the radio console falls to the ground, the radio remote control system automatically cuts out.

The perfect human-machine interface comprises two ergonomically optimised shoulder strap systems with large areas of padding that ensure perfect wearing comfort.


As a result of all these innovations in technology and design, the new PALFINGER PALcom P7 is introducing a new era in optimising the interaction between humans and machines.

From April 2014, the PALFINGER remote control will be available on the market for the European SH-series from 40 mt. Market launch for the series between 10 mt and 40 mt will take place from mid-June 2014.



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